Does this count!

Blog Post created by Lena2020 on Feb 25, 2020

I am new on here and I’m not sure how to post hope I’m doing it right this time.  I went to bed a few nights ago promising myself that tomorrow is my first quit day!  I didn’t have a plan I never set a previous quit day. I just got fed up.  I am an active 40 year old and the last time I was in the gym was a few days ago when I noticed shortness of breath   That really hit me hard    I have been smoking since I was 16. It was the worst decision I made for myself and smoking was a nightmare for me yet I still did it.  After the age of 25 cigarettes became more like a family member a best friend.  They were always there   I couldn’t imagine my life with out them.  Well to make a long story short.... I couldn’t do it I tried for the day and I was just not myself.  I couldn’t sleep that night just thinking about how I’m going to wake up and not have cigarettes at home.  I feel like a failure   I have no will power what’s so ever.  I bought a pack and held it and cried oceans   I then just realized how Addicted I am. I just realized how the cigarettes are controlling me.   I decided to slowly do it smoking 12 to 14 cigarettes a day for the past 24 years of my life I have only smoked 6 a day since I made this commitment.  Does this count as trying? Or am I failure.  I feel extremely anxious and depressed