Thank You Lord For Leading Me Here.

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Oct 29, 2020

Well Nicodemon has had his fun for five days and thanks be to the Creator of all things and the Lord Jesus I am still hanging in there.  This is the end of day twenty-four and I almost broke about an hour ago.  Gave Plasma donation for the first time on Tuesday, came home opened mouth and **** seemed to start.  Wednesday slept in not by choice of mind but apparently choice of body.  Kissed my husband good morning, got a sip of coffee and the fudge, sickle of a day started.  Managed to get over it, day started to work out bowling went well, but cravings kept coming to mind.


It's funny how our friend nicodemon works with those, someone would walk past me in the bowling alley after having just smoked and oh how good it smelled(craving); ten minutes later someone would walk by me after smoking a cigarette and it would stink.  But it was the best night I have rolled this season.  Come home can't get to sleep knowing I have to be up at 4 am so I can have wake up time before I take my daughter to have the plates in her feet removed in outpatient surgery.  It has been a long day, the poor girl vomits every time her body gets in a 90 degree angel.  Waited two hours before I called Doctor a second time for help.  Call pharmacy they couldn't tell me why the computer didn't text her that the vomit stopping meds were ready.  I came so close to stopping for a pack of smokes on the way to pick up meds.  I chose to pray instead, and God help me to remind myself that smoking would have just help waste money we don't have.


If this makes no sense I am exhausted and needed to vent.  Please God good sleep for all of us.


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