7 Days x 2

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Oct 13, 2020

Today I was made very aware of why I needed to quote so close together.  Anna wanted me to see exactly what I am like when I quit an addiction or an overuse of something.  It has been like sitting with a video and hitting rewind a lot, a lot times.

Say something, rewind catch my tone.  Say something rewind, catch the order my phrasing or the words used.

Be interrupted, rewind did I roll my eyes or listen to what they said.  Some one out the dishes away wrong, they have only been in the same place for over a year, rewind am I getting upset because I moved things Many times until I was happy.  When you see your own righteous indignation and turn it calmly back on yourself it isn't something you will forget soon.

I humbly pray Abba will leave the auto rewind stuck for a awhile that I may learn to do more of His will and less of mine.  May this be the beginning of a longer deeper relationship with Him.  By the power in the name of Jesus Amen.


8 Days of the gift of Freedom.