Today was a Excellent Day 4

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Oct 9, 2020

Today has been a wonderful day of realizations or just rememberings.


I have no doubt Abba Father loves me because He made it possible for me to sit in my chair in the living room most of today working to catch up on my Bible study.  He allowed me to be interrupted when I could handle it or be prepared for it.  He kept my mouth empty of rude words, though He allowed me a few huffs and puffs.


I have no doubt my husband loves me, because he quit counting the _itchy moments years ago.  He has hugged me every time I have opened my arms today.  Given encouraging smiles even when he didn't know I was looking.  We have held intelligent conversations about things that matter.  And managed to watch a movie together.


I know my youngest still loves new because she didn't hit me when I told her she messed up her eyebrows when she asked.  I managed to compliment her or pay attention to her when she wasn't look at herself in the mirror today.  She wasn't needing all of my attention every five minutes.  Most amazing she understood that I wasn't will to have a mother- daughter today, not because I didn't want to, but because I knew I would make a mountain out of a mole hill if something happened.


For all these little things.  For all of you here at EX.  For a day of misty rain and no hurricane I am truly thankful.  Most of all Jesus I am thankful you have walked beside me this day of peace.



3 days 13 hrs and 12 minutes