57 hours 39 minutes

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Oct 8, 2020

I decided to take a look at my quit stats today.  A little over two and a third days without a cigarette, on my second quit.  Right now I have this revolving thought in my brain, I need to keep an eye on every minute that passes to be sure that I am staying true to my quit.  Then I think if I watch to close it will slip through my fingers without even a thought.


Honestly yesterday morning had a lot more cravings than this morning.  Last night At the bowling alley with my husband I had a beer and no craving.  I have used the power of Jesus name to nick this demon to the curb a couple of times in the last few hours and give him all thanks and praise that the cravings are gone.  This morning was a get up and go morning because our shopping had to be done, as we may be affected by DELTA.  Hallelujah! The survival kit does not included a carton of smokes.  I had had one craving this morning and it was after I ate breakfast.  Got up finished putting away groceries then came to EX to read what is happening today.


Blessings to all.  Have a great, grand, glorious day.


2 1/3 days of freedom



I stated typing out DOF hoping that it will help it truly register in my brain the next time that urge comes upon me.