Stress week begins early

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Sep 26, 2020

On Friday October 2nd part of our family will be coming in to celebrate my husband's 65th Birthday.  There will be a total of 17 people in our home on and off for about 7 days. I am looking forward to it then again I am not.  Just last night the thermostat on the hot water heater started acting up.  I love hot water, but scalding doesn't work for me.  The my husband will be over doing everything small I try to accomplish, i.e. Horseshoes.  I wanted a temporary set up, 2 stakes in the ground a little sand at the bottom, what I have is a complete horseshoe pit, exact dimensions, with side rails backboards, and all.

He is technical, I am easy, so I see my stress levels climbing as time gets closer for arrivals.  I will be keeping this blog going just to keep my sanity.

Have a great day.


17 DOF