Day 5 is at an End

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Sep 15, 2020

I spent the last to blogs bemoaning my mouth and lack of brain connection to it; not only to you folks but to God.  The first scripture He sent my way this morning was 2 Corinthians 12:9


  " But the Lord said. "My grace is all you need.  Only when you are weak can everything be done in my power."  So I will gladly boast about my weaknesses.  Then Christ power can stay in me." (Easy-to-Read Version)


To state my weaknesses plainly, to boast about them before the Lord, I have an addictive personality and a big mouth.  My strength comes from you Oh God, for only through Your power can my weakness receive Your grace.


Some who read this will take offense, some will dig deeper and see where the path may go.  Some will just breathe it in and enjoy the comfort.  I shared it because it is from my God as I understand Him.  He gave us all human will and in that will we have taken the road most traveled.  We speed down the highway because that is what everyone around us is doing.  Well not anymore.  I made a choice, no many choices over the last few months to remove my not so good choices from my life.  None of them are easily removed. Reprogramming the mind takes hours of conscience work, thought, and deed. 

1) Always think of the good even in the worse situation.  Not easy, but we carry on with us everywhere we go.  We don't     need to smoke to face reality.   

2) Think about what we are thinking about.  Are we letting the outside world into our quit.  Does it really need to be             there. A) work need a break take a walk outside go in the opposite direction of the smokers area.  You need air to         freshen your mind, look around see the sights.  B) Home you need an honest break, take blanket, set your timer on    your phone,(which you have on do not disturb except  for alarms.)  Look at the clouds see the shapes notice the color.     It's raining put on you boots or better yet if you can take the shoes off everyone and go play in the rain.

3) Pray about everything from the smallest agitation to the biggest best thing that happen that day.  Talk to God (or your     higher power as you understand him).  Yes He already knows it all, but he does want to make sure you get it.  You         screw up you confess Him and offer amends to those you have offended.  Remember because you offer amend does     not mean it has to be taken.  If we go before God everyday, with what we know we have done inferior to what we             know we should do, He will show us what we did right in return.  


These are the thoughts which I should be following.  Paying more attention to them than I have in the last couple of weeks.  But I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit has been with me this past couple of weeks to show me what I needed to study.  Adding to my knowledge and understanding in order for this to be my last quit.  My friend Jesus walks with me each and everyday so that when things get rough He can remind me He's got me covered.  And here in the Ex Community He has given me a place to give back, to love my neighbor as He commands.  To build my faith in Him so I can learn to love you and me .


Grace and peace.

Pam 5 DOF