A Future Without Tobacco

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Sep 9, 2020

I received a text from Become an EX this morning asking if I am worried about a future without tobacco?  Without any doubt my answer was no. They requested I come to the community and share what makes me feel confident to hopefully help others.


I was smoke free for almost three years it was a combination of I want to quit and will power.  The thing was whenever another smoker was around I would have that one more puff or bum a whole smoke or several and I still loved to walk by smokers and smell that oh so wonderful smell of second hand smoke.  I wasn't fooling anyone one but myself.  Then almost a year ago I spent a week in our home with my alcoholic chain smoking brother.  I started back full time again, I used it as my crutch the last year to handle what I didn't want to admit.  I can do nothing for him, but love him and watch him slowly kill himself with his two drugs of choice.  I can't change him I can only do as he wishes when it's my time to handle his end.


When I signed up for this program it was to make my life healthier than it has been in the last year.  I lost so much of the gain I had made in the previous 2 years.  I had been walking every other day, was up to almost five miles every other day.  Then I stopped colded, I have tried to walk but it didn't matter anymore.  I sent myself into a depression that wasn't deep but when I would catch on to what was happening I would get moving doing something.  My husband would always catch me at my worst I was breathing quite hard, sweat pouring off of me. sometimes I would be shaking because I would push so hard to make up for what I hadn't done when depressed.


Then It was suggested that I read Allen Carr's book "Easy Way To STOP Smoking".  It really made since to me in a way that nothing else about quitting has ever done.  Why should I fight something that after an hour is no longer truly in my body unless I put it back.  Why should I give my body over to the control of a drug that is not truly there.  Then I really took a look at what was going on in my life, that dang cigarette was doing nothing but making my life worse.  When I need to be present and accounted for my mind wanted to have a smoke.  When I am bored Keeping my hands busy with a smoke.  When I want to spend time with my husband, kids, or grandkids I still had to stop and have a smoke.  When I spent time make myself look good, to go someplace special, I would smoke while getting dressed and end up looking stinkingly great.  There is never a right time to light up, because you are going miss something.  I am tired of missing out.  This is MY LIFE and NICOTINE can take a hike.


Four days until my quit date.  5 Cigarettes to my name.  When I smoke my last one probably later today I will Be An Ex.



Bless you all,