4 weeks smoke free

Blog Post created by Leatherwolf on May 5, 2018

I'm 10 hours and 15 minutes short of being 4 weeks smoke free. Day by day and week by week it does get easier. The Hulk smash car flipping aggression has passed for the most part. I still have spells where I want a smoke but it's nothing even close to what it was when I was smoking or just after I quit. I am a bit more assertive now that I've quit and yes that does scare some people.


Some advice to people starting out with their quit... EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! What works for me may not work for you just like what worked for George didn't work for me. You'll find what works for you. The first 30 days are the hardest. Getting through the nic fits, finding things to do with that smoke break time...  You will get through it and you will do it. Now just think back 30 days ago. What if you had stopped 30 days ago. Where would you be at right now? You're stronger than you think you are. I did it cold turkey. You can quit by whatever means you choose to use to quit dancing with the demon of death.