2 weeks won

Blog Post created by Leatherwolf on Apr 21, 2018

Tonight at 9pm will be a full two weeks since I last danced with the demon of death. I'm finding that I'm a hell of a lot more aggressive. Like yesterday when I came out to find the neighbor parked in my driveway blocking me in. I think I left a dent in the front door of he house I beat on it so hard at 7am. Or this morning when I arrived at work to find for the second night in a row that the building was tagged. Yeah I came a bit unglued at the homeless that were out front. Daily I spend about 45 minutes each morning picking up their trash. For the record I've also donated time and materials to help build a tiny home village to house the homeless so don't say I'm unsympathetic to their plight. I have found something new to occupy my time though. I downloaded Twitter just to take on the uselessness of the local PD.