Day 6 WON

Blog Post created by Leatherwolf on Apr 14, 2018

Day 6 ended at 9pm last night pacific time. It went ok but the cravings that were getting better are getting worse. It's 2pm pacific and I'm about 7 hour shy of a full week now. Last night was the first night I tried to sleep without a sleep aid. My dreams of flipping over cars with my bare hands was rather interesting. So far I've managed to not kill anyone. Today has definitely been a day filled with cravings. I feel like I'm back on day two. I considered walking down the street to the tobacconist and buying a cigar until I googled cigars and discovered that they have more nicotine in them than a cigarette (I never knew that). So I'm still craving a smoke and doing my best to stay out of jail for flipping over cars.