I B.Q.

Blog Post created by Leatherwolf on Apr 7, 2018

So yesterday I said that I was setting up rewards for myself. Being single and having no kids I generally just buy what I want when I want it as long as I can afford it. So I've decided that I'm going to start putting aside $7 a day (what I would spend on cigarettes) and go on a trip.


Option 1

I've never done Seattle so it would be a nice little weekend getaway or maybe I'll just hit up the coast for a long weekend. This would be a 120 day reward.


Option 2

Skip the weekend trip and save up through December and in January take a trip to either Belize or Costa Rica. I've wanted to do both for a quite a while.


I realize that I should probably do some sort of a reward for shorter time frames. I just really don't know what sort of a reward to set up. So we will see how things go. I am up for suggestions.