It’s been a week

Blog Post created by Ldeleon61013 on May 10, 2019

Hi everyone so it’s been exactly 1 week since I smoked a cigarette . I went cold turkey and god it was hard and still is . I would wake up every morning to get ready for work and not even 5 minutes into being awake I would grab a cigarette . I never realized until now how dependent I was on cigarettes . Never noticed it before because it was my normal routine. Especially after eating a meal I would crave one . I still do but not as bad as before or should I say a couple of days ago . I can tell you this though the headaches are the worst they hurt bad and then my eyes , my anxiety feels more heightened which sucks. To be honest with everyone only reason why I quit was for my surgery which is quickly approaching in a few days . But now that I haven’t I feel kinda good . I feel less fatigued when I walk from my jobs parking lot up to the building which is like walking up a hill. I’m coughing up less mucus than before and over all I feel better