Another miserable newbie

Blog Post created by LazyLump on Jun 18, 2019

Another newbie:

Day 12 of no tobacco after about 50 years of up to 1 pack a day. Had the flu, and a cough, and just couldn't stand myself. And, I'm a retired MD, so know everything there is to know about the adverse effects of smoking.


And, I'm feeling as terrible as I've ever felt. The cough hasn't gone away, I'm anxious, constipated, loss of appetite, can't sleep, can't concentrate, and am grouchy and irritable (on my good moments) and sometimes even worse.


I've been working on triggers, haven't had any booze, and limited my coffee; but still can't get out of my own way; and wondering if it's even worth continuing to try.


So, someone give me some encouragement; tomorrow's another day (if I don't jump out the window tonight).


At least the Red Sox won.