16 Days Won and Counting...

Blog Post created by Laurarutledge on Jan 19, 2018

I actually forgot what day I was on today, I wonder if that’s a good sign? Hope so. Last night or this morning, sometime recently, I was thinking I need a smoke. But quickly reminded myself - I don’t need one, and in reality, never have needed one. I might want one, but I certainly don’t need it. But I just as quickly got over even wanting one. 


I keep hoping the urges will lessen, and I guess if I think about it, they have been fewer and fewer a day since I quit 16 days ago. Maybe one day, I’ll not even think about one for a whole day, then a whole week, then who knows? My husband is on 3 years quit, and he still has occassional urges, he figures we probably always will. But so long as those urges don’t last more than a few seconds, that’s not too bad. Certainly worth the health benefits we’re all going to get for ignoring the irritating craves.


At least my fight to be free from the nicodemon has gotten me to be more creative. I’ve been drawing more the past two days than I have in months.