Happily Hyper?

Blog Post created by Laurarutledge on Jan 6, 2018

I might be suffering from the strangest withdrawal symptom, one I wish I could bottle up and share. I’m overly happy and hyper. I’m walking around making funny noises, like trying to compose music or something, or singing songs, or talking way too much. But all of it is with the biggest smile on my face. My 79 year old mother asked me what day I was on, and I laughed as I told her 3, asking “why, is she trying to decide how long she can handle me being so strange” - she just laughed and said yep.


I thought I would be driving everyone crazy by being grumpy and mean, who ever dreamed I’d be happy? I mean I knew I’d be happy not to be smoking, but I’m like high on life happy or something weird. The only thing bringing it down occasionally is my headache that keeps starting and stopping, and pains from my fibromylagia that keep jumping from one place to another, sometimes pretty extreme. And heartburn that I’m also sure is part of the withdrawal. 


Well, this is one withdrawal symptom I kind of hope never leaves.