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Blog Post created by Lauralives on Nov 12, 2019

I have been thinking about what prompts us to start smoking.  What made us keep smoking?  What made us quit smoking? We know some of the obvious answers.  Nicotine is an addiction.  A horrible addiction.  I thinks it's important to have a discussion about our story.  A short story of course.  Perhaps it will help us all and especially those who want to quit and have just quit to stick to the journey of being smoke free.


I started smoking when I was 13.  My parents smoked and it seemed everyone around me smoked.  It was peer pressure and being "cool" that got me started.  I didn't even really consider quitting until I was in my 20's as I wanted freedom and knew it would help me with working out and I wanted to be free!!  I tried hypnosis and it worked for a while but I believed it was really too hard to quit.  Some of that had to do with with having depression that was not being treated correctly.  I admit I tried to quit many times.  I quit when I was pregnant for a while but went back to it.  I knew it was a crutch, but I felt I couldn't live without it.  I had to change my mindset and see the truth.  I know I want to be here for my Grandson, my kids, my family and friends.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be able to hike, bike and garden.   Yes it is difficult to quit but know you can quit.  Know you are supported.  Know you can be free.  Finally I know that no matter what happens, smoking doesn't help.  We all go through difficult times, sometimes things happen that seem insurmountable but we know we will survive it.  Taking care of ourselves and making sure we are healthy in mind, body and spirit will set us up for success.  Support is also super important!!  This site is here for us everyday!  Let's share and support each other in staying quit!!  


Laura 12 DOF and going strong!!