Tomorrow is the day.  I am afraid!!

Blog Post created by Lauralives on Aug 26, 2018

Friends, Again, I sit here.  I have planned and read and posted and prepared.  I've allowed myself to smoke for 3 months after quitting for 491 days.  I'm afraid... I will fail, I will block my better sense, I will lie to myself, I will numb my truth, I will smoke.  I want to swear but that won't help. LOSER, is what comes to me.  You can't do this...but... on the other on lung...grandson needs rescue dog hates the smoke and needs have great things to do!!!

Dang it!!!  When I look in the mirror, really see my eyes and soul, I know, I've want to move forward.  Tomorrow will be a fresh start.  I'll meet you at the Daily Pledge.