I had a relapse:{

Blog Post created by Lauralives on Jun 14, 2018

Friends, I am sorry to report that I had a relapse after 493 days,  I have been smoking the past 7 days.  I see that I wasn't prepared and I want to help others to consider having a contingency plan when an accident occurs and not dropping the ball on staying on this site.  On May 12th, I went over the handle bars of a mountain bicycle on a steep hill on a gravel road.  I was out of town celebrating my sisters and another friends birthday.


I was taking to the hospital and they thought I had broken my right shoulder, left wrist, right hip and perhaps my cheek bone.  I was blessed and did not have any broken bones.  Strains, sprains, bruised ribs, knee injuries and a contusion and bruised cheek.  I was injured badly and shaken to my very core.  I thanked God for no broken bones and was able to leave the hospital 4 hours later after many x-rays, a tortuous scrubbing of the gravel infused injuries on my hands and a few delirious, but much needed doses of fentanyl.


I thought I'd come home and heal quickly, but that has not been the case.  My quit smoking regime of working out, bicycling, hiking, gardening and walking was no longer an option for me.  I was pretty much bed ridden for two weeks.  So much pain and so many limitations.  I didn't stay on the pain meds long because I wanted to heal quickly and get back to my life.


That wasn't going to happen so quickly.  The Dr. thought I needed an MRI.  I had changed insurance this year for financial reasons and discovered I didn't have coverage for specialties.  Everything is a specialty these days and I spent a week trying to figure out how I was going to figure this out.  I was stressed out of my mind.  My ulcer kicked in and I was a mess.  I found a place where I could have an MRI for $395 and had it done.  I did not need surgery but have injuries that may take even longer to heal.


I will continue this tomorrow as my left arm can only type for so long before it becomes painful.  Bear with me.