6 months today but.....

Blog Post created by Lauralives on Jul 29, 2017

Twice this week I almost slipped up!!

I didn't expect this to happen 6 months into my quit.  Not that the last 6 months have been easy but I had the worst cravings and if my neighbor had been out there smoking, I would have asked her for a cigarette.  This really scares me.  No, I didn't smoke but it was WAY too close for comfort.  It reminded me of the times I had failed at quitting because the craving that came over me seemed too difficult for me to overcome.  Well, I am here and not smoking and today is 6 months but I have never felt like, "Hey, I totally got this!" and I probably never will.  I am glad to have a few strong supporters and this site to help me when it feels too hard.  Thanks to everyone!!  Laura 180 DOF