Day 105 - smoking dream

Blog Post created by Lasttimeagain on Dec 28, 2018

This morning I had my first smoking dream this quit. It was very vivid and real. I then woke up feeling that sense of relief that I've experienced when I've had that dream in past quits. I'm wondering what triggers it. One thought is that it is related to what I was watching in Netflix last night. I watched episodes of Narcos. In that show the main DEA agents are always smoking in basically every scene, as are pretty much every other character. Each time I watch it  I tend to get that  'wouldn't it be nice' feeling at least once. Hollywood still kind of romanticizes smoking in shows based in the past, like Mad Men. They never show the smoking protagonists coughing and wheezing and spitting up yellow gunk. So  I'm guessing that the dream was triggered by that show. Honestly, the sense of relief I felt wasn't as much as in past quits. It was more like  'oh, that was just a dream. I'm glad it was just a dream' rather than a panicked relief like I have experienced in the past. I hope that is because I am more committed to this quit and have learned to identify my most vulnerable triggers than I have been in the past. Also, I have developed strategies to deal with those, including coming to this site and sharing my experiences and reading those of others. In thrilled to be in my 105th day quit and I'm looking forward to starting a year in which I will not have a single cigarette.