Thursday morning

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 11, 2021

Susan Cole Kelly sends this photo of the Jonesport Barrens (fields of wild blueberry) from down on the coast of Maine.


Good morning everyone, I slept in today but I'm feeling good and ready for the day.


People may doubt what I say, but they always believe what I do.

~Ellie E.

It’s maddening and frustrating when people don’t believe what we say. Not that they think we’re liars, exactly—just that they don’t believe us. When we tell them we’ve made a commitment, for example, they may just roll their eyes as if to say, “Oh sure, tell me another one.”

Actions speak a lot louder than words. Before, maybe many times before, we might have told the same people about making the same commitment. And then we gave it up almost as soon as we said it. Eventually our words have no credence to anyone—including ourselves. If we want people to believe us, we have to follow up on what we say. If we say we won’t tolerate abuse, we have to do what it takes to stop it. If we say we are going to take better care of ourselves, we have to make a plan of action and stick to it. Talk is cheap.

It is amazing how quickly we can regain credibility when we walk our talk.

Today, I will be aware of talking a better game than I play. I will not say a thing today that I can’t back up with action.