Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 7, 2021

Paul Cyr took this photo near Fort Kent on the day after a storm, I don't know when it was.


I missed you all yesterday, it was hectic and than some, all is well now.

Little by little, I’m getting over my tendency to procrastinate. I always used to put things off till tomorrow, and, of course, they never got done. Instead of “Do it now,” my motto was “Tomorrow’s another day.” When I was loaded, I had grandiose plans; when I came down, I was too busy getting “well” to start anything. I’ve learned in the program that it’s far better to make a mistake once in a while than to never do anything at all. Am I learning to do it now?

Today I Pray

May my Higher Power help me cure my habitual tardiness and “get me to the church on time.” May I free myself of the self-imposed chaos of lifelong procrastination: library books overdue, appointments half-missed, assignments turned in late, schedules unmet, meals half-cooked. May I be sure if I, as an addict, led a disordered life, I, as a recovering addict, need order. May my Higher Power give me the serenity I need to restore order and organization to my daily living.


From: A Day At A Time, Daily Meditations for people in recovery