Wednesday morning

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 3, 2021

Cedar Waxwings.  A flock of maybe 20 birds were in the back on Monday, some one had thrown out some cranberries I think.  My wife will call today for me to pick her up, probably in the afternoon.  I baked a cake and started and finished a painting yesterday.


The farmer may only be planting a seed, but if he opens his eyes he is feeding the whole world.

~Omaha Bee

A traveler journeying through a small village came upon some workers building an impressive structure. "What is it you are doing?" he asked. The first worker, a young, impatient man, replied in disgust, "I am making three dollars an hour and I'm getting very tired!" The visitor asked another man the same question. "I'm mixing concrete, as you can plainly see," came the sarcastic reply.

Finally, a woman working nearby left her wheelbarrow full of bricks and approached the stranger. "We are building a hospital," she said with pride. "Now we will be able to care for all the region's people. Babies will be born here. Lives will be saved." The stranger looked at the woman with admiration and spoke directly to her. "I know, for this is my hospital. Only you hold the vision of what it is you are creating." The wealthy benefactor then put the woman in charge of construction so his hospital would be built by one who truly understood.

Will I see the importance of even the small things I do today?


From: Today's Gift, Daily Meditations for Families