Wednesday's watch

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 27, 2021

A Frozen Marsh in Pembroke, Maine.  F O Baily took this photo.  Pembroke is way down east, this is cold salt water.


A nice quiet day, maybe, I'm sure my daughter will call several times or come over and talk in person.


Make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.

~Joseph Parry

Friendship is wonderful. But what is true friendship? This is a question we encounter in early recovery, and it will be important for the rest of our lives.

A friend is someone we know, like, and trust. When we first get sober, we should look at the people we call friends. Are the things we like about them important to our healthy self or things our Inner Addict likes?

We become like our friends. That is why it is important to choose friends we want to be like. It takes work to sort this out when we first get sober because we have collected “friends” who are bad for us.

Where do we find good friends? First we can look to the people we knew, liked, and trusted before our addiction. Next we can look in our recovery groups. When we are a friend to the right person, then we will have a friend.


From: God Grant Me, Daily Meditations