Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 13, 2021

Lubec, Maine.  As peaceful a place as you'll find.  Downeast Magazine had the photo.  This is the eastern most town in Maine.  At one time three or four sardine canneries were here, they even had a high school, all gone now.



Nothing that is worth doing can be done alone, but has to be done with others.

~Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr

Countless troubled people have agonized and sometimes died, many by their own hand, because they were defeated loners. They never learned that they needed help in solving what seemed like overpowering problems. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It’s a sign of strength.

The more closely we identify with others today, the more certain we are that nobody can solve our problems for us. But caring friends can guide us by sharing their experiences. The secret behind the magical success of sharing is that sharing cannot be done without caring. To care is to experience the most vital part of love.

Sharing problems is only a small part of giving. We must share strengths, successes, experiences, and hopes.

Whenever I am practicing the principles of my program, I am comforted by knowing that I never walk alone. Sometimes, I am led. At other times, I can show the way.


From: Easy Does It, Daily Meditations for Twelve Steps