Saturday snow

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 2, 2021

Snow Rollers.  Moist snow, lots of wind and a smooth surface like this ice on Webb Lake in Dixfield, Maine.  WMTW-TV had the photo.

It will be snowing here soon, I will have time to go for coffee just before it starts, we are expecting about nine inches of snow today.  That means a day inside to snooze.  I hope each of you has an easy day too.


We know that a totally new life can begin on any day of a year, at any hour of the day, or at any moment of an hour. Our new life began the moment we decided to surrender and admit to a powerlessness over a substance or an impulse. It began when we accepted the fact that we needed help and could receive it simply by asking.

Many of us used to choose New Year’s Day as a time for making good resolutions and swearing off bad habits. When we failed, we simply shrugged and said, “Maybe I can start tomorrow, next week—or next New Year’s Day.” We were always going to “turn over a new leaf.”

Now, in recovery, we no longer depend on doing it all alone. We know we can stay abstinent only by sharing with fellow members.

Let me remember, each day in recovery is another milestone. I no longer have to use a calendar.

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