Blog Post created by LarryG on Dec 28, 2020

Bar Harbor, Maine.  Winter day without the tourists, a pretty quiet place.


One must be leery of words because they tum into cages.

~Viola Spolin

We defeat ourselves with labels…We hem ourselves in; we shorten our vision; we cut off opportunities in the making. We influence how others think of us, too. Someone wise said that we teach others how to treat us. Are we teaching people to expect nothing great from us—because we are always afraid? Do we shatter their vision of our potential—by never thinking we can handle what may come?

We become the persons we have programmed ourselves to be. We can revamp the program, anytime. And right now is a good time to begin. We are surrounded by persons who have done just that.

It's time for praise. We are all that we need to be, and more. We will be helped to do all we are asked to do. We have an inner beauty that only needs encouragement to shine forth. If we smile from within today, we will free ourselves from our negative cages. A new life awaits us.

To catch myself each time I insult myself will be a challenge, but one worth taking on. And it’s one I can win!


From: Each Day a New Beginning, Daily Meditations for Women  (Men can use it too)