In the mood for Monday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Dec 7, 2020

Benjamin Williamson took this photo at Reid State Park in Mid-coast Maine. Winter Surf.


A nice quiet day ahead I think, I won't be smoking today thanks to all of you, Thank you!


Fate chooses our relatives. We choose our friends.

~Jacques Delille

Dealing with family-of-origin issues is often extremely painful for recovering adult children. All of us want to be accepted and loved by our own biological families. Some of our deepest wishes and favorite fantasies feature ourselves as loved and loving members of some healthy, whole, all-American family system. All too often, that was not and is not the case. If we have to accept that, then so be it.

That’s the time we should acknowledge that our real families are made up of the people who love us, whether they are relatives or not. Rather than mourn for what isn’t, when family times roll around, we have the option to connect with the spiritual, functioning “family” of loved ones who want and need us to celebrate with them. The program is filled with people who will love us if we let them.

No recovering person need ever be without a family; like hearts bind tighter than like genes.

Today, I am grateful for the healing presence of my friends.


From: Day of Healing, Days of Joy; Meditations for Adult Children