Tuesday is for trusting

Blog Post created by LarryG on Dec 1, 2020

Cedar Waxwings, these birds travel in small flocks and eat every berry they find.  This bush will be clean soon.


Rain and wind today, nasty stuff - but I won't have to shovel!  

This piece was written for men, but I think the ladies can gain from it too.


The world is full of magic. Serendipity, synchronicity, and random revelations appear on a regular basis. Some might call these wondrous moments of connection fate or karma, coincidence, or messages from our Higher Power. Whatever we call them, altered states of awareness and energy fields beyond our ordinary perceptions do exist, and they manifest each day to those who are willing to look.

During our perilous times with substances, many of us were somehow rescued from horrific situations by benign forces of unknown origin. One way we tap into the Great Mystery that surrounds us is by paying attention to the subtle signs that are offered: the chance remark of a passerby that delivers an insight we need, a book screaming out at us from a bookstore shelf, finding a lost object whose return leads to unexpected adventures. The magician reminds us of the Third Step, when we make “a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God”—or to whatever we understand the Higher Power beyond self that influences the course and patterns of our lives to be.

From: Cornerstones, Daily Meditations for the Journey into Manhood and Recovery