Monday morning

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 30, 2020

A roadside attraction in Alfred, Maine - it's way down in southern Maine.


Nice quiet day ahead, no smoking in sight and I'm grateful for that.  Gratitude is the best tool I've found.

Todays piece was written for men, I think the ladies will like it too.


Human beings love to be right. When a person is willing to give up being right, a whole world of possibilities opens up.

~Pete Salmansohn

We naturally want others to respect us. Our urge to be right, even when we are wrong, gets us into many jams. We have seen others laughed at for their mistakes, and we ourselves have done some of the laughing. Maybe we have been the target of ridicule for not knowing the right answer or the right way to do something.

A grown-up man has lived enough and seen enough to know that honest mistakes are inevitable; indeed, they are lessons. In fact, the only way we learn is by trying out an idea, testing a new method. When we are open to seeing reality as it is, rather than blindly defending our rightness, we get wiser.

As grown men, we voice our ideas honestly, and we listen to others. We don’t have to push our ideas as right. We can take on the attitude of dignity and open-mindedness, seeking the best answer and always learning.

Today, I will consciously set aside my drive to always be right so that I can continue to learn.


From: Stepping Stones, Daily Meditations forMen