Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 29, 2020

Bluejay.  They come to the bird bath a lot, just after the ice melted yesterday one of them was in there splashing.


Quiet day for me today, coffee and then.........not much, just taking a nap maybe.


Those of us who have suffered a broken bone and had to put up with a cast for several weeks know how hard it is to use muscles that have been inactive for so long. They have gotten weak from lack of use, and we have to begin to develop our strength all over again.

The same thing happens if we don't use our other capacities. If we don't constantly use our minds to think and learn, we become dull people, almost incapable of new thoughts and insights. If we don't use our hearts to love, we become uncaring and insensitive—much like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. If we don't use our creative talents—to draw or write or sew, or whatever it is we're into—we lose the ability to do those things.

On the other hand, like our muscles, our other capacities can be strengthened and developed by daily use. We exercise our hearts by being kind and loving, our minds by thinking, our imaginations by being creative. ln this way, we become spiritually powerful, a force for good in the world.

How can l exercise my assets today?


From:  Today's Gift, Daily Meditations for Families.