Tuesday truth

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 24, 2020

Vinalhaven Island, Maine  Just off the coast of Rockland the island is a year round home to over 300 people.


Tuesday is here ready for it or not, my car needs routine stuff today, oil change and an inspection of some controls - a recall notice for that, it doesn't cost me anything - that's the good part.  I won't be smoking for sure.


Joy to forgive and joy to be forgiven hang level in the balances of love.

~Richard Garnett

If we are unable or unwilling to forgive others for whatever they do, we won’t be able to forgive ourselves for our actions. The agony of resentment, guilt, remorse, and shame will overpower us. These emotions will halt our progress toward the comfortable and rewarding living we are promised in recovery.

Early in recovery, we often were told to pray for those whom we thought had wronged us. This philosophy is as old as civilization. Forgiveness will always triumph over guilt and shame. Recovery is one-third love and two-thirds forgiveness.

We’ve been our own worst enemies during most of our lives. We’ve often hurt ourselves over what we thought was justifiable anger and resentment.


From the book:  Easy Does It.....