In the mood for Monday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 23, 2020

Susan Cole Kelly took this photo of the Taunton River as it enters salt water.  The water was warmer than the air, today it's about 49F (water).


A  quiet day for me, wife has a phone appointment and I'll go to coffee in a couple of hours (2:40).  I won't be smoking today.


Every day we pray for the willingness to make sane choices about our lives. In the morning, when we awaken, the way we feel gives us an idea of whether the day will be easy or difficult. If we’re not feeling our strongest, we need to take special care of our abstinence that day.

That might mean a phone call, writing out how we plan to confront a difficult situation, writing affirmations to take with us, or thinking ahead to potential danger. Do we need to avoid a certain part of town, make a contract not to call an old acquaintance, or stay away from certain music? If we’re planning to go to a movie this evening, do we need to choose the movie with extra care? People, places, things, and events that can trigger our addiction are everywhere, and it’s up to us to act before, not react after. Our abstinence is a gift to be cared for and strengthened, “One day at a time.”

There are days when maintaining abstinence is more difficult than other days. On these days I will take special care to ensure my abstinence.


From the book:  Answers in the Heart.......