Sunday stillness

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 22, 2020

Schoodic Point, this is a part of Acadia National Park but separated by several miles.  This is a place that, in warm weather, you can see more work done by the glaciers long ago.


Sunday will be a nice quiet day, maybe.  My daughter will be here to use the computer and print, laminate and whatever else she can do.  Autism is her driving source of energy.  Out son will be going home at noon so things will quiet down a lot.  No smoking on the "menu of the day" for me, we'll stick it out together.


Character is what a person is in the dark.

~Dwight L. Moody

How many of us act differently when no one can see us? During the worst days of our illness, we used to steal, lie, and leave messes for someone else to pick up. It is often said in the rooms of recovery that “we are as sick as our secrets.”

The longer we are in recovery, the more clear the answer becomes: we are the same person wherever we go whether anyone can see us or not.

Most often the things we used to “get away with” hurt us a lot more than they hurt anyone else. We practice being responsible to ourselves because we know what we are doing. We practice on the little things, like making our bed every morning, whether anyone knows it or not. Why? Because we feel better when we have done our little duties. We practice telling the truth, especially to ourselves, because our addiction wants to make us dishonest.


From the book:  God Grant Me.......