Wonder on Wednesday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Aug 25, 2020

Sunset at Spectacle Pond in Osborn, Maine. (Population 66) It's in Hancock County downeast.  Flickr has the photo


The weather has calmed down, we had thunder, wind, all that stuff, it gone now out to sea.  Today will be a "Fall" day cool and dry. I'll enjoy it a coffee time.


Deep inside, each of us has a child’s spirit. We still have many of the feelings we had when we were young. Some of us have a hurting child inside. There’s sadness, fear, or anger that hasn’t gone away. We’re still lonely, no matter how many people care about us.

Our inner child needs special help to heal. We can be good parents to our inner child. We do this by being gentle and caring with ourselves. In time, this child can be a happy center in our hearts.

From:  Keep It Simple....


Right now, I’ll close my eyes for a minute. I’ll think kind thoughts about myself. Today I’ll find a way to show my inner child love and care.


Have a wonderful, smoke free, day everyone!! And, Keep it simple.