Trouble on Tuesday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Aug 4, 2020

Roxanne Moore took this photo at Love Lake in Cooper, Maine.


I missed yesterday, food poisoning was the culprit, what a mess - I am still cleaning.

It could have been worse.


Today our target for a proper living pace is moderation. We know how easy it is to magnify, exaggerate, accent, and overindulge. The dependency and compulsion from which we are steadily recovering puts us among the world’s excessive people. Every day we need to tell ourselves that more is not necessarily better.

We also need to guard against unrestraint, greed, and envy. But we can adapt even dangerous instincts like fear and anger into self-improving assets if we can maintain moderation.

In our desire for perfection, however, we also need to practice moderation. We can’t want more than we are capable of achieving. We could destroy ourselves by trying to be perfect. In this, above all else, we need to practice moderation, for we will never be perfect.