No tears on Tuesday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jul 13, 2020

Rob Saker took this photo of a sunrise at Cutler Bold Coast Reserve.  Located in Washington County Maine (downeast), and open for hiking and looking.


We learn as we go, and the path is formed by walking on it. Establishing regular reinforcing positive practices is important consciousness work. If we were to make a list of all the self-nurturing actions we engage in on a daily or weekly basis, what might we find? While many of us regularly practice some forms of self-discipline, we may not be doing this consciously or seeking to expand and refine our focus.

In all areas of life—whether eating, exercising, doing something creative, being in our living space, or engaging in our work life—we have to invest in order to be our best. Each new day can be a reminder to love ourselves in this way. It takes time, energy, and a deep commitment to improve. Lofty goals can provide inspiration, but it is through the perspiration of daily discipline that we manifest them. It is the bridge, the gateway, the portal, the channel through which we gradually live into the life we deeply desire. We can begin with small steps in any important arena, and then adjust and redefine as we go. Paying regular attention to the various habits included in our self-discipline toolbox is one of the most important aspects of loving ourselves and supporting our personal evolution.

My daily choices are made easier when I stick to routines and behaviors that serve me well.

From: Conerstones, Daily Meditations for Men


“How many slams in an old screen door? Depends how loud you shut it. How many slices in a bread? Depends how thin you cut it. How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live 'em. How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give 'em.”
Shel Silverstein