A fine Friday

Blog Post created by LarryG on May 15, 2020

A large parcel of land in Meddybemps, Maine.  I think the trees are used for "tipping".  Tipping is removing the ends of branches for making wreaths.  Two very large wreath companies operate there in Washington County.  One of them gives wreaths to decorate veterans graves in National Cemeteries (Arlington is one).


Do, or do not. There is no "try."

--Yoda, in The Empire Strikes Back



Trying is what we do when we aren't willing to make a commitment. We say, "I'll try," when our heart isn't ready to give a full effort. It's what we say when we can't admit that our resolve is wimpy. And it's the lie that will defeat us.


Some challenges we face can't be conquered simply by saying, "I will do it." But we can choose to do something that will help. We can't move the mountain but we can pick up some rocks. We can engage with the problem and get to know it better. Every action we take leads somewhere and sets us up for the next action. We even learn from our mistakes and that moves us closer to achieving our goal.


Today I will not just "try"; I will do something to move toward my goal.


From: Wisdom, by Anonymous