Thursdays' early too

Blog Post created by LarryG on Mar 25, 2020

Winterberries that the birds haven't found yet.  It snowed Tuesday but it's gone now - warmer days are welcome.


Sometimes, after we begin recovery, things in our life seem to get worse for a time. Our finances, our relationships, or our health may seem to deteriorate.

This is temporary; this is a normal part of recovery and healing. It may be the way things will be for a time, but not for long.

Keep working at recovery, and the trend will reverse. Before too long, things, and us, will be better than they were before. This time, the foundation will be solid.

Melody Beattie  The Language of Letting Go


I need to keep reading things like this myself, keeps me a little on the "sane side" I think.  Ever so grateful for the opportunity to not smoke, and for all of you.