Tuesday's not too bad

Blog Post created by LarryG on Mar 24, 2020

Working at the top of the Steven King "totem".  Bangor Daily News photo.


I did have a very good night, tinnitus, sweats, foot cramps and poor sleep.  That's not enough for me to say "heck, I might as well have a smoke."  No, there's no need for that.  What I do need to do is express my gratitude for the opportunity to not smoke.

I'm doing fine, and I'll take a couple of naps during the day (old men are allowed to do that).  

So let's all join in:

Let's take a ride on a train called hope,

As passengers get on they yell NOPE

And there's more things to get at,

And for that there's always ODAAT,

And we have JFT and NEEGU  too,

If you want to jump on, we'll go,

The password is always HECK NO!