Saturday arrived late (not really)

Blog Post created by LarryG on Mar 21, 2020

A trail in Quoddy Head State Park, Maine.  Photo by Rubys on the road.  This is the eastern end of the United States.


Saturday really wasn't late, I woke up later than usual by about 20 minutes, so even at this very early hour I kind of feel like I'm in a hurry.  That's where addiction has brought me, so HOW (Honesty, Openness and Willingness) to I get my fix.  Well, I don't light a smoke, I don't want a smoke either.  I don't really care about the 20 minutes.  I'm just off.


Nurturing new growth

Spring is a time of new and beautiful growth. There can be growth for us, too. We have spent too long in the fall and winter of our lives, the mind-altering substances filtering the sunshine and fading the flowers. Finally, our lives appeared empty and dead.

But like earth at the end of winter, there is still life within us. And when we make the conditions suitable, using abstinence, patience, and love, our lives will again bring forth new growth.

Am I returning or preparing for new growth?