Trust in Thursday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Mar 12, 2020

Looking for leaks!  A property owner in Big Six Township, Maine checks on over 30 miles of tubes.  The tube carry sap from the sugar maples to the boiler where the sap is turned into Maple Syrup.  In Big Six they produce an average of 3 million gallons of syrup a year!  Just over the border in Quebec there is a larger operation!


I won't be smoking today, I'll be busy putting away most of my medications, I can't take many of them because they interfere with blood and urine testing being done for my kidney.  It's all temporary for a couple of weeks.  No reason to question the whole thing, I did that yesterday.  Just don't smoke, ask for help and be helpful too.


I loved hearing from all of you yesterday, it was a super "welcome home".  Thanks.