Wednesday wonders

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 26, 2020

Ben Williamson is a professional photographer.  He took this photo at Reid State Park in mid-coast Maine.  It is a wonderful place to visit but it's been several years since my last visit, a bit too far for a geezer.


Don't sweat, worry or have a fit,

 just hang around with us for a bit.

 No reason to worry or cry and hate

 please don't take the demons bait.

 Stay with us and don't keep those things lit.

 Gratitude always, is the answer to it.

 Pledge today to stop, don't give up the fight;

 Hang around with us and make things right."


Just say "Heck No!" and come along with the winners, no smoking on a wonderful Wednesday.


I feel better today (yes, it's early).  I have an appointment to get the old "needle in the eye" treatment of AMG I don't mind it a bit, a real good doctor.  My friend Paul and I go eat pizza after the treatment!