Silent Sunday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 23, 2020

A frozen Salt Marsh in Bass Harbor, Maine.  This marsh is a source of fine grasses used by Native Americans to make intricate baskets, in fact it's guarded at times.  Photo from Flickr


That photo looks cold, white, frozen and I wouldn't dare walk on it.  It's not a place where I'd choose to light up either.  In fact today there isn't a place where I'd light up, I don't have the impulse any more, nor the will or the want.  I want to say "Heck No!" and be grateful for the opportunity to not smoke.


Sunday means I can go to coffee in a couple of hours, relax and chat with my pals.  The Red Sox have a game on TV at 1PM today,, I think I'll watch it just to see green grass, you know grass that's not covered by snow like the marsh in the photo.  And, again, I'll be grateful that I can watch withing taking a "break"!


Have a wonderful Silent Sunday.