Wondering on Wednesday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 19, 2020

An Amish ice harvest on a pond in Aroostook County Maine.  Crown of Maine Products gets credit for the photo.

Ice the old fashioned way, the guys with the straw hats are single, felt hats are for married men (just a point of interest). Looks like hard work.  I used to see men cutting ice by my grandmothers house when I was a boy.


Wondering what kept my night so screwed up, coughing, tried the bed, no the chair, all kinds of stuff.  I did get some sleep in the last couple of hours.  Cough, cough go away!


I won't be smoking!  I'm saying "Heck No!"" today, that's the very last thing I'd need to do.  Probably would be the last things I'd do!  Join me today in saying No I've had enough.  Have a wonder filled day everyone.