Sunday sunshine

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 16, 2020

Ramsey Brook in Vassalboro, Maine welcomes those who would like to practice the Japanese form of Sninrin-yoku

or forest bathing.  The water look too cold for me!  Aislinn Sarnacki of the Bangor Daily News took the photo.


So we probably all know that we won't swim in ice cold water anymore than we'd smoke a death stick.  Going in to a stream like that in summer would be refreshing in the summer.  There was a stream about that size near my home when I was a boy, I was in there all the time, my mother often handed me a bar of soap when I went there.


Mom wasn't around too much when I was smoking, certainly never in her house,  she and my dad didn't approve of smoking.  I maybe should have listened to them but I was very rebellous.  Whatever the reason we had to smoke we also learned to overcome.  We can use a variety of ways to quit, it's not too importand how we quit, what is important is staying quit.  My tool for that is gratitude, every day many times I feel grateful for not smoking.  As I go through this latest flare up of COPD I am certainly grateful for not smoking.  I am slowly improving, but my wife has a bag packed for me if I go to Urgent Care.  I'm not going today.