Monday magic

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 10, 2020

A wedding at Spring Point Ledge Light in South Portland Maine.  It was 2013 and the date had been set, they carried through.  A wedding to remember, during Storm Nemo in 2013.  Portland Press Herald had the photo.


I was "married" to smoking for over 50 years, I started in high school.  I never gave it much thought at the start, there were ashtrays in the doctors office!  It was "normal" to smoke.  Today we're paying the price.

Now I have COPD I presently have a persistent cough, my wife wants me to go the walk in clinic today.  I use all my meds, I use a nebulizer two times a day, drink Ginger Tea and honey.  I might have to go.

What I won't do is smoke!  I'm saying heck no!  Join me in saying "Heck No!"  and have a great day!