Trust on Thursday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 6, 2020

A brook in Alfred, Maine by the roadside for all to see.  Looks like a snowy day today and tomorrow.


Trust in Thursday means, for me, that I can trust not to smoke today.  I can trust in myself to do the right thing and be grateful for not smoking.  It's a pretty simple idea; it is also nice to know I can trust myself.. That wasn't always the case.  Our son is coming to visit for a couple of days today, it's always nice to see him and it means a good meal out.  He lives down in the big City of Portland, Maine so it's not too far to travel.

Thursday will be a no smoking day too.  There's something to be grateful for, no smoking, better health, I have a persistent cough at the moment so I'm working on that.

Have a wonderful day everyone, join me in not smoking; trust on Thursday.