Tuesday is not for trouble

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 4, 2020

The Aroostook County Tourism Assn. give us this view of a crowded road.  Probably in the Sherman, Maine area.  Peaceful scene.

Tuesday is a peaceful day for me, I have my home group to go to, something I always look forward to.  I also look forward to another smoke free day.

When I think about it now, all those fears that I couldn't quit, it was too late in the game ohh why bother.  Those were the words addiction put in my mind.  But: I became Willing, and Accepted my addiction and now I'm Grateful for the opportunity for a smoke free day.  I only quit one day at a time (ODAAT) so the burden isn't so heavy.  It is the use of "useful tools" like those that keep me on a smoke free path.  Join me please.